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Novitek Solutions ApS

Novitek was established in 2006. We have been in full force operation since June 2008 when a group of highly skilled people from the innovation world decided to come together with the goal of creating an innovation network for companies, institutions, universities, organizations and other bodies.


Today, we are 9 employees.

Mission and Vision - Goals
Our mission is to strengthen Innovation in Europe through creative and systematic innovation activities. We want to continuously

  • be responsive provider and adviser for specialized technical services, innovation, applied research and support
  • be a leader and point of contact for offering advice and networking on national and international projects together with a wide range of organizations, SMEs, LEs and universities/institutions
  • maintain a highly visible and strongly marketed innovation support presence
  • facilitate and generate new knowledge applicable in ICT, engineering, sciences, health and business sectors.

We recognize the value of a strong innovative concept, 'Concept is King'. There is no way around hard and systematic work to develop the innovative concepts needed by industry and society. Professional networking within the SME community is one of the most important actives when doing innovation.

We cover the development cycle from an engineering perspective, encompassing system analysis, design, and implementation. Our development includes impact assessment and evaluation on businesses as well. Our in-house experts have project experience within a wide range of areas including:

  • applied physics, mathematics and systems modelling,
  • informatics and mathematical modelling,
  • bio-systems related research
  • software and cloud computing
  • integration infrastructure technologies
  • database development
  • process automation
  • applied photonics and optics,
  • micro-technology,
  • innovation and emerging technology research.

What we offer
We offer our clients (mostly higher education institutes, companies, organizations) the framework for optimizing their innovation network architecture and composition of individual networks, so as to maximize value creation for their stakeholders. We assist our clients in:

  • the development of innovative concepts primarily, for SMEs and organisations;
  • optimizing their product/service quality, drive down costs and control traceability;
  • the investigation of national and European funding possibilities;
  • the writing of applications for National and European funding (such as H2020 proposals);
  • technical delivery of projects with elements of the above expertize.

Our clients do benefit in at least one of the following by:

  • entering/reaching new markets in new geographical regions and/or broadening their existing supply chain;
  • improving their existing products thorugh continuous innnovation;
  • developing radically new products from the new ideas;
  • carrying out advanced technological development projects which may not immediately lead to new products today but will in the near future;
  • enabling access to newest research and development performed at international universities and research institutes;
  • having access in acquring the amount of money needed to carry out ongoing R&D activities and projects (for smaller companies if needed);
  • getting the inspiration required for improving and developing new product/service concepts.

Technical Delivery
We cooperate and collaborate with researchers and professionals from institutions, universities, organizations and companies in delivering high-tech solutions for pilot, small, large, integrating and specific targeted research projects.