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Novitek Solutions' research and innovation activities empowers organizations (particularly SMEs) with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions. Our Innovation packages (INNOPACK) and solutions (INNOSOL), and best practices ensure their implementation is cost effective, and efficient. Many of our clients start with our Cooperation and Collaborative Services that provide the tools, models, techniques, and best practices to accelerate growth. Beyond our Cooperation and Collaborative Services we offer customized research and consulting services to create a growth solution tailored for your specific requirements.

Our research team of experts provides executable strategies, processes and tools to help you address key growth-related challenges. As education, research and development is a central part of Novitek Solutions, we are continuously involved in:

  • research and innovative oriented activities;
  • consortium and collaborative activities;
  • consultancies;
  • support for the development of business tools, ideas, and products and services;
  • support for knowledge and skills in companies and schools, education and training, seminars and short courses

On-going R&D Activities and Projects

We are currently developing Information Fusion (IF) systems for various applications within health, agriculture, ICT and energy sectors. An IF system is a  monitoring and decision making  solution whose process or/and intelligence is based on more than one information source. These systems are developed using service oriented architecture (SOA) methodology, and it is compatible with Cloud computing. The IFs architecture consists of different heterogeneous sensors sources,  including software service components and modules based on our expertizes from photonics, mathematical modelling, materials, wireless communication, multimedia and digital contents, telecommunication, control and software.

The IFs  are targeted at the following future emerging solutions:
1. monitoring personal mobile localization systems and devices
2. surveillance and monitoring systems of sub-urban areas
3. navigation and tracking systems
4. platform for the development of tools for localization units and devices
5. management information systems (MIS) for real time tracking of objects, vehicles, pedestrians and static objects which does not change position frequently
6. security and other wireless systems

The overall target activities of the on-going R&D projects are in the development of
* decision systems based on distributed sensor and information sources.
* decision and data management engine implemented on a cloud computing platform.
* systems for target applications such as tracking of persons, objects and commodity in sub-urban areas within entrepreneural, local community, agriculture and healthcare.


These R&D activities are based on Novitek´s expertise within: photonics, mathematical modelling, materials, wireless communication, multimedia, telecommunication, control and software. Our products and services are mostly targeted on adding value to the current state-of-the-art technologies through research and innovation oriented activities. We have participated in several  successful projects across Europe, Africa and other international and Governmental bodies globally.