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Our integrated solution provides a real-time integrated information resource and integrator platform for handling complex information, which is extremely easy to use and deploy, and further guarantees a modular integration of secure, reliable connectivity and transfer of data between automation systems, IT systems and existing cyberinfrastructure (CI) technologies. Furthermore, our integrated solution is cross-platform and it is compatible with a wide range of software and hardware technologies, protocol standards, systems, platforms that comes with autonomous machinery, sensors, equipment and devices, including “internet of services” (IoS) and content delivery systems.

We offer to our clients different product development processes which can be new, an improvement of an existing product or an existing product enhanced/improved and adapted for new market(s) within the sectors of Health, Agriculture, Environment, Material and Production, Energy and waste, Finance and Economics, and Telecom Industry.

The core of our business services and activities are centered around technological solutions and services within our core competencies in; 

  • "Internet of Things" - IoT systems and applications
  • Cloud platform development
  • Integration Infrastructure technologies, services and applications 
  • Wireless mobility systems
  • Process automation and condition monitoring
  • Data Analytics, Mathematical Modelling and Intelligent Signal/Image Processing
  • General IT Systems Service Management including provision of tools and modules for enabling business end users to find knowledge to support/resolve their IT systems and other computing-related issues/problems

We are continuously involved in innovative oriented activities which serves as catalyst to growth for the different sectors. Our activities includes; i) innovation process and technology research; ii) concept development process towards implementation and technical delivery of project; iii) Partner search (if required); iv) Proposal application writing; v) additional searches for Funding Instruments; vi) Business analysis; vii) Work plan development; viii) Brainstorming processes

Our innovative oriented activities are focused on;

  • optimizing their product/service quality, drive down costs and control traceability;
  • Investigating Funding Instruments and other possibilities;
  • Technical writing for project applications for funding instrument (such as H2020 proposals);
  • Technical delivery of projects with elements of the above expertize



 Below is a list of some of the services we have provided to clients and customers

  1. e-Service for Logistics
  2. e-Service for Fulfillment
  3. e-Service for Financials
  4. e-Service for Production
  5. e-Service for Quality Assurance
  6. e-Service for Customer relations Management (CRM)
  7. e-Service for Products
  8. e-Service for Sales
  9. e-Service for Procurement
  10. e-Service for Manufacturing
  11. e-Service for Customers
  12. e-Service for Inventory
  13. e-Service for Payments
  14. e-Service for Shippers
  15. e-Service for Carriers