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Software Solutions

Novitek develops of different types of software. This means that we produce software for a variety of purposes. We conduct research in software can lead to new developments, modifications, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance,  and other  activities that result in reliable, solid, robust software products.

We deliver the results you want through a combination of customizing, improving, enhancing, adding value or/and innovating our competence pool of software solutions for the many different types of software solutions that we have developed over the years for different applications in the different sectors of health, materials and production, energy, waste, environment, agriculture, etc.

We have a pool of software talents and engineers who well-versed and has many years of experience in working with/alongside international customers and clients. Our  pool of expertise includes; 

Custom application development: Designing and developing software solutions and applications that are customer-driven and also provides both online  and offline operators unbeatable flexibility. A range of solutions can also be implemented which include the integration of building blocks. 

Integration services: We provide analysis, design and implementation of custom built solutions to enable system integration from a variety of suppliers and processes and also for improving supply chain management (SCM) by building missing components, integration agents and servers. 

Enterprise solutions: We provide the environment that enables operators cope with an excessive amount of data gathered from gaming and non-gaming areas of their operations. In order for this data to be useful it has to be correctly managed, aggregated and presented. 

External Services Integration: Design and implement Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) integration with external systems including: 

  •  Payment services 
  • Customer support services 
  • Mobile messaging services 
  •  Streaming sources 
  • Advertising channels 

Our skills in data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) will turn your data into versatile and rich marketing and management tool. Truly useful business intelligence provides a comprehensive view on collected data for use in different areas, such as player ranking, CRM strategy, data visualisation and patron value optimisation.