The research activities of Novitek is directed applied automation and IT fields. Our aim is to combine academic and engineering work disciplines in the area of ITC, and explore active collaboration with university as well as industrial R&D environments. Hereby, we will stay forerunners in established fields as well as be involved in and test higher risk technology research. We see the strenght of innovation through combining cross disciplinary research fields with technlogy fields.

The Novitek staff, who typically carries university masters and PhDs, are the backbone of Novitek's applied research activities.

Our research is conducted through a series of in house and collaborative projects with industrial and research partners.

We are active in the following research topics:

1. Novel IT infrastructures, platforms and integration systems for advanced automation in new application areas.

2. Application of mathematics and physics for modelling, control and information management

Applied mathematics and signal processing

3. Innovative systems and concepts development